" We are driven by our passionate belief that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will be within the reach of every one that needs the benefit of the oxygen revolution can render in India " - Bird.J.K
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Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology
Important effects of post-surgical hyperbaric oxygen for your patients would be the stimulation of leukocyte microbial killing, the enhancement of fibroblast replication, and increased collagen formation and neovascularization of ischemic tissue. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy increases stem cell production by eight folds.

Hyperbaric oxygen is a safe way to alter the inflammatory process to help wound healing. It cuts down pain and swelling, inflammation in tissues, and it has an anti-bacterial effect. Patients who had this therapy in conjunction with their cosmetic surgery seem to have a shorter recuperation period. Scars have been shown to heal better with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Cosmetic surgeons world wide are recommending hyperbaric oxygen particularly for patients who have problems with healing. They may have been smokers, overweight, they may be immunity suppressed, or their incisions may have become infected, etc.

To site a few procedural benefits:

After a laser peel, lingering redness is a problem for many patients. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is known to be exceedingly effective for laser peels. The bruising goes away faster, swelling decreases faster, and the patients actually feel better overall.

In hair transplantation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy increases collagen production, and enhances chances of hair follicle growth after re-implantation.

For liposuction, hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps the swelling decrease much faster, which results in less post-operative discomfort hence less of patient down time.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can:

*Help resolve unexpected complications post-surgery
*HBOT treatment can speed up the recovery time from elective surgery
*Dramatically reduce post-surgical bruising, swelling, and inflammation
*Speed up healing and recovery with plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Hyperbaric therapy before and after surgery increases the availability of oxygen to damaged tissues and cells, speed up time of healing, decreases patient down time and greatly reducing the chance of infection. Enhanced delivery of oxygen to the surgical site allows the body to regenerate cells quickly, which reduces scarring and improves the appearance of a cosmetic procedure’s final result.

Our Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy Chambers are:

  • Affordable to your clients.
  • Profitable to your center.

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